Financial Games for Market Thrills

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Forex has never been easier or more fun!  Collaborate and compete, with challenges to indulge market junkies.

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Crush the market or get crushed!  You've got a goal, and it's to show the market who is boss!

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Markets Bookie

Who's going to win? Google or Apple?  Bitcoin or Gold?  The bookie is taking bets!

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Get social and join the group that thinks like you do... that the price is going DOWWWWWNNN!  Play together, win together!


Skill-based market prediction game, where the goal is to devour the market and become the biggest sharker in the sea!




Playnance is the home of financial games, where a brand new experience was tailor-made for the market enthusiast.  Amateurs can now play out their trading fantasies without risking their capital, go with their gut instincts with no fear, and engage as much as they want in risky trades because it's all just a game.  What's real, is the thrill of the win, the social gratification, and the feeling of living the dream.  Developed and designed by IT, UI, and UX experts, Playnance is launching the ground-breaking games that will change the face of gaming around the globe. 


Our vision

To provide a financial gaming experience so unique and thrilling, that everyone will want to play the market.



Playnance is open to collaborations with anyone who shares the passion.   If you are interested in investment opportunities, affiliation, or other partnerships, please contact us without hesitation.

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